HR Director S. Roulston, Capital Care Edmonton Area
The coaching program you have delivered for our organization over the past three years has had a significant influence on increasing our management effectiveness… we saw a 35% increase in positive responses from employees regarding job satisfaction since starting the program. I believe the success of the program is based on the practical and customized content, training effectiveness and follow up strategies. Thanks for your participation in our management education program.

R. Cox, Engineering Consultant, Property Management
“My association with Dianne Pearce has been most rewarding. Dianne brings to her clients a recognition of the psychological aspects of career change by suggesting active strategies to reduce the personal impact of change. She is an experienced and focused professional in her field and her personal commitment to mentor/motivate others is truly outstanding.”

Dr. W. Lam, LGH Consulting Inc.
“I highly recommend The Coaching Connection services to those who are exploring new opportunities. In working with Dianne, I found her to be very responsive to my needs, helping me focus on my specific strengths. Her excellent facilitation skills were also evident in the workshops conducted, where all participants were sharing ideas and fully engaged. I recommend The Coaching Connection to any organization that has an interest in their services.”

M. Ulmer, Executive Director, Alberta Council of Senior Federal Officials
“In working with Dianne, I have found her to be a highly respected and knowledgeable consultant in the areas of career management services, marketing and corporate training… was the driving force in the planning, set-up and implementation of all career management services for the Career Centre (Canada Place, Federal Government). Dianne is reputed for her ability to develop excellent rapport with clients at all levels of government… it has been noted that she consistently receives positive feedback from her clients. Dianne demonstrated exceptional creativity, enthusiasm and problem-solving skills.”

M. Knodel, Production Manager at Madsen’s Custom Cabinets
I received one-on-one management coaching sessions through The Coaching Connection. Since then, I have realized that being in a position of management means not only being a manager of people, but to be a coach myself… the techniques I learned are very effective to use in a number of situations… To sum it up, I am very grateful for their help in opening my eyes to a new insight on skills that I never knew I had and for enhancing the ones that already exist.

D. Dedla, Marketing & Graphic Design Specialist
“I have dealt with Dianne Pearce on a one-to-one coaching basis and she has quite literally changed my life. Through her mentorship and guidance she has taken my apprehensions and self-doubts of a life change and turned them into confidence, positiveness and a clear direction. I found her knowledge and encouragement truly inspiring, she has an abundant amount of information to help you develop effective action plans.”

Y. Kwong, Professional Engineer
“Your instructions on doing fieldwork and networking prior to resume writing and interviewing plus the following up was instrumental to me in landing my new career. The method of highlighting my selling points in a tailor-made resume for a particular job plus the high impact statements proved to be very successful in my job search.”

S. de Hek, Advertising Consultant, Dominion Directories
“They really helped my to see that I was stuck in “What’s next” in terms of living my dream, finding my true calling. I was so overwhelmed with the giant picture that I couldn’t narrow my focus. I now know that this opportunity is absolutely where I need to go next, to take me to the next level. Thanks!”

Manager, Alberta Government
“As a new manager with new staff, I found the course to be of great benefit not only to me but also the staff person reporting to me. While I still have lots to learn, your course really provided me with some excellent advice. A couple of the best things for me to learn were to “fire the technician” and the work surrounding the personality styles, and to let people figure out how to do their work without me getting in the way… With the personality styles, and having my colleagues also attend your course, I learned about the personality styles and needs of others.

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