True Colors


Personality Styles Workshops

Are you:
Adventurous orange? Curious green? Responsible Gold? Harmonious Blue?

True Colors is a fun, interactive, self-assessment tool that encourages self expression, increases self-esteem and facilitates understanding of ourselves and others. Based on the research of psychological types by Dr. Carl Jung and Don Lowry (developer of the True Colors model), True Colors™ allows us to translate the complex theory of personality styles into everyday language in a fun and interactive manner.

True Colors can be used for the following purposes:
Based on your learning goals, we will custom design your True Colors™ workshop to focus on:

  • Team Building
  • Communication Skill Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Management
  • Values and Skills Clarification
  • Learning Preferences
  • Identifying Style Motivators and “Stressors”
  • Career Planning Based on Personal Styles

Basic Workshop Format:

  Become familiar with the True Colors™ Self-Assessment Tool

Discover your unique blend of True Colors.

Recognize the colors of your group and team members.

Participate in exercises to “enhance” your understanding of True Colors.

Explore the strengths of each True Colors style in team building.

*Based on client needs, this workshop can be expanded to include any of the topics listed above




The facilitator did an excellent job and the workshop was so interesting. We had fun and learned at the same time! Understanding the diversity of the styles is very relevant to our workplace and will help in leading the team and dealing with clients.”
Terry M., Public School Board

Not only was the workshop good, it was well organized and timely. The facilitator used lots of good examples and made people feel comfortable during the day. I will now have some new tools and knowledge to coach my staff more effectively.”
Cindy N., The Capital Care Group

I especially like the group participation and interacting with different Colors in the coaching scenarios. The openness was good and I now have more tools to coach more effectively and deal with co-workers who are very different from me.
C. Olson, Executive Secretary

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