Team Charter


Developing a Team Charter

The team charter is a written document that defines the team’s mission (purpose), scope of operation, objectives, time frame and consequences of behavior. A charter can be thought of as the foundational piece to guide the team and the charge or mission given to the team, with management’s stamp of approval on it. Once completed, team members sign the Charter as a declaration of commitment.

  Clarity of Direction
Team members revisit the mission statement to ensure understanding and alignment of goals.

Team Code of Conduct
Team members together, set the behavioral standards for team conduct. This is developed as a result of input from team members regarding their expectations and personal/team values.

Team Roles & Responsibilties
Team members each define and present their role(s) on the team and their scope of responsibility to the team and other stakeholders or internal clients. In this process, team members are given an opportunity to ask questions or clarify concerns they have – this is done in a safe and respectful manner, as set up by the facilitator.

Team Communications
Team members identify the parameters and the depth/breadth of communication needed to function productively as a team. It is recommended that the team members do a personality styles assessment here to help understand and draw on the differences of each style.

Team Processes
Team members decide how they will deal with problems, decision-making strategies and conflict that occurs on the team.

Team Logistics
The team charter can also be used to help teams effectively address issues such as selecting and replacing team members, who handles meeting logistics, minutes and agendas, who else can attend team meetings, reporting format and how the team leader is chosen. .



Note: Team Charters can be completed at anytime and are especially helpful with new teams and teams struggling in conflict. 

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