How to Write Great Resumes

Workshop Name: “Help! I Have to Prepare a Resume!”

Preparing your own resume can be a daunting task – it is difficult to highlight one’s life in two pages and grab attention over the other resumes in the pile! This workshop helps people organize and highlight their strengths/qualifications in a way that fulfills resume standards and meets the job qualifications. Participants are encouraged to bring a job ad of interest, past resumes, certificate, past performance appraisals and documentation from client recognition and reference letters.

  Building the Foundation
Using the metaphor of constructing a building, participants prepare their own resume foundation by gathering and mixing the highlights from their work and personal life experience. Participants look at who they are, their knowledge and skills and what accomplishments they have achieved.

Selecting the Blueprints
As there are many styles of housing, there are many styles of resume formats and delivery methods (such as hard copy and electronic resumes). Participants explore resume formats and select the best design for their job goals. They also look at the myths around resumes and learn what the real expectations are from employers.

Building to “Spec”
Participants dissect the job ad they brought with them and draw out the required qualifications, experience, education and personal suitability. Then they match their qualifications with the job ad – this creates the framework from which the resume can be built.

The Final Touches
Participants learn how to write an effective cover letter, how to format and package the resume, and how to run a quality check before it goes out. They also learn the best way to deliver the resume and how to follow up after it is sent out.




I could not believe what a wide span of knowledge I have acquired… it was hands on and very relevant in the current climate of downsizing.
Wayne C., Federal Govt

I came into this workshop blank but feel very confident and organized with the information provided to develop a professional resume. I also feel much more confident to go out and apply for jobs in the healthcare field – thank you!
Suzanne J., Registered Nurse

I would recommend this workshop as it is an important part of today’s working environment. It should be useful to anyone doing a resume/cover letter… the information is clear, concise and very in-depth.
Tanya H., Advanced Education 

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