Personality Dimensions


Personality Dimensions™

Personality Dimensions™ is a Canadian-based tool that offers a fun and interactive approach to understanding of our personal styles and those around us. Researched and developed by Dr. Robert and Lynda McKim, Personality Dimensions™ helps translate the complex theory of personality styles into everyday language, while providing practical ideas on how to apply this theory.

Personality Dimensions™ can be used for the following purposes:

* Team Building
* Communication Skill Development
* Conflict Resolution
* Stress Management
* Values and Skills Clarification
* Learning Preferences
* Identifying Style Motivators and “Stressors”
* Career Planning Based on Personal Styles

Based on your objectives, our team will custom design a workshop to meet your needs.

Basic Workshop Format:

  • Become familiar with the Personality Dimensions™ Self-Assessment Tool
  • Discover your unique personality blend.
  • Recognize the styles of your group and team members.
  • Enhance your understanding of Personality Dimensions™.
  • Explore the strengths of each style for team building.
  • Based on *client needs, this workshop can be expanded to include any of the topics listed above


Another very productive day with an amazing amount of material – very valuable and applicable, I especially enjoyed the interactive participation and exercises.
M. Olson, Project Manager

The workshop gave me practical ideas on how to work more effectively with my staff and it helped to see the other Colors react in different scenarios.
Phil S., Medical Doctor

It was a great afternoon – there was a good balance of listening, learning and participating. We all had fun and really understood the differences once the colors presented their viewpoint – this will really help us work more effectively in the future.
Jeannette C., Massage Therapist

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