Personality Dimensions™ Assessment Tool

Personality DimensionsTM is Canadian-based and was developed by Dr. Robert & Lynda McKim, with the help of the publisher, Career Lifeskills Resources Inc. Personality DimensionsTM allows us to translate the complex theory of personality styles into everyday language in a fun and interactive manner. It can be used in communications, team development, career planning, conflict resolution, learning preferences, leadership and coaching skills.

The Personality Dimensions™ assessment is most often used in workshops and is completed and scored manually. There is a booklet available which explains the characteristics, strengths and areas for development for each unique style. It also allows people to assess their extrovert and introvert functions.

To access this assessment, contact Dianne Pearce of The Coaching Connection Corp at Dianne@kaizencoach.com or call 780-444-4808. All assessments and reports are confidential.      

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