Mentoring in the Workplace

“ Mentoring: A deliberate pairing of a more skilled or experienced person with a lesser skilled or experienced one, with the agreed-upon goal of having the lesser skilled person grow and develop specific competencies.” Margo Murray and Martha Owen

Mentoring is one of the best ways to facilitate the development of people in the workplace, especially in the areas of career movement and succession planning. Mentoring has been proven to increase job satisfaction, productivity and employee retention. In this program, both Mentors and Mentees will explore key components of the mentoring relationship and how to set up a practical mentoring agreement.

  About Mentoring
Participants explore the history of mentoring, the barriers and benefits of mentoring and the roles/responsibilities associated with both the Mentor and Mentee positions.

The Mentoring Relationship
In order to set up a meaningful mentoring relationships, Mentors and Mentees identify the appropriate mentoring application(s) and discuss the level of commitment necessary to transfer the learning. They also assess their own needs in order to create a profile, which creates the foundation for a practical and realistic mentoring charter.

The Mentoring Process
Mentors and Mentees learn the process involved in mentoring. This involves deciding what they want and are willing to give, how they will execute the learning and how they will evaluate progress.

Developing the Mentoring Charter
Both Mentor and Mentee complete the Mentoring Charter, which sets out the goals and logistics of the mentoring meetings and learning activities. They also discuss the length of their mentorship and how they will work out unforeseen problems and areas of conflicting schedules.



Note: Mentoring in the Workplace can be supplemented with our other programs in the areas of coaching skills, career development, leadership and personality profiling.

“Thank you, this was very useful, well organized, good facilitator, good materials.” Current Mentor

“The workshop provided me with the basis of my role, a starting point… The document is too important to rush through…” Current Mentor

“It was an excellent session and very helpful for me.” Current Mentee

“This workshop was very eventful, informative shared has help me to set my focus in a couple of added direction with respect to the mentoring program..” Current Mentee 

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