Conducting Effective Team Meetings

Conducting effective team meetings is critical to the success of teams. This workshop looks at both the logistics and process of running team meetings that are relevant, timely, shared and productive.

  About Meetings
Participants explore the common types of meetings, reasons for each type and when to use them based on desired outcomes.

SWOT Analysis
Participants also look at their current meeting process and rate the effectiveness of them, using key criteria. They then identify what is working well, what is missing and what is needed to make them more meaningful.

Goals & Roles of Meetings
Participants review how to set meeting objectives and expectations, agendas and communications. They also look at the necessary roles of teh team leader and team members, and how to delegate and cross train people for “role rotation.”

The Meeting Process
Using a practical and duplicatible team meeting model, particpants learn how to work through the stages of the meeting process.

Facilitating Techniques
Participants learn basic facilitation skills and questioing techniques to elicit feedback and draw out ideas from lead team members. This can be used to achieve objectives using various processes such as brainstorming, consensus building, problem-solving and decision-making.

Taming Meeting Gremlins
Participants will learn the common “gremlin behaviors” of people in meetings, the possible needs behind them and how to deal effectively with these behaviors.  

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