Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI)

MBTI, based on Dr. Carl Jung’s work, was developed and validated over a thirty year period by Katherine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs-Myers. MBTI offers us 16 different personality types and is administered successfully to millions of people worldwide in ten languages. MBTI is non-threatening, universal and constructive and is useful in several applications including communications, team development, career planning, conflict resolution, learning preferences, leadership and coaching skills.

There are several different kinds of reports available, depending on client objectives e.g.- Interpretive Report, Career Report, Team Report, MBTI + Emotional Intelligence Report, MBTI + Strong Interest Assessment Report. The MBTI assessment can be completed online or manually, and coaching for interpretation is recommended.

To access this assessment, contact Dianne Pearce of The Coaching Connection Corp at Dianne@kaizencoach.com or call 780-444-4808. All assessments and reports are confidential and will never be shared with any other party unless instructed otherwise by the client in writing.      

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