Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQi)

Using Dr. Reuven BarOn’s Assessment from 20 years of research, the EQi assessment provides feedback on frequency of behaviors in the five key areas of emotional intelligence:

  • Intrapersonal
    Looks at emotional self-awareness and ability to assert one’s self
  • Interpersonal
    Looks at ability to establish relationships and demonstrate empathy with others
  • Adaptability
    Looks at the ability to problem solve and remain flexible to change
  • Stress Management
    Looks at the ability to withstand stress and resist impulsive behaviors
  • General Mood
    Looks at self-satisfaction level and overall optimism in life

EQi is a great tool for people at any level of the organization, particularly those who serve in a leadership, coach others or work in the client service area. EQi can be completed online and coaching for interpretation is recommended.

To access this assessment, contact Dianne Pearce of The Coaching Connection Corp at Dianne@kaizencoach.com or call 780-444-4808. All assessments and reports are confidential and never shared with any other parry unless instructed otherwise by the client.     

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