Leading with Emotional Intelligence

For years now, people have been determining their self-worth and competency based on their IQ. It has become evident however, that intellectual capacity does not guarantee success. It is the presence of high emotional intelligence (EQ) that helps people achieve success through relationship building, flexing to change and making good decisions under stress. This workshop introduces the concept of emotional intelligence, applies EQ in all areas of the workplace, and gives participants a chance to rate and develop their own emotional intelligence.

  Introducing Emotional Intelligence
Participants learn what emotional intelligence is and is not, how it differs from IQ, and why it is so key to success in the workplace. Also they learn about the history of EQ and how it evolved into a practical tool to be used in everyday life.

The Science Behind Emotional Intelligence
Using Reuven BarOns work with the EQi assessment, participants learn the science behind emotional intelligence and why it is accepted as a valid measurement of EQ.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Participants explore the benefits and applications of EQ from both a leadership role and a personal perspective. EQ can be used to augment employees development, to retain key performers, to improve relationships and to help people move through organizational change.

Success Stories with Emotional Intelligence
Participants look at how successful people have applied EQ in their work and personal lives, providing a model to work towards in developing their own EQ.

Rating Personal Emotional Intelligence
Using BarOns EQi Assessment, participants will rate their own level of EQ in five different areas: Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Flexibility, Problem Solving and General Mood. They will then highlight areas of strength and develop a strategy for improving weaker areas. * EQ can supplement other workshops such as the coaching and supervisory programs.




The Emotional Intelligence report and the exercises really help to give insight in how I deal with certain situations and ways to improve!”

The EQi report gave me greater understanding of me – who I am, what my strengths are and areas for improvement….I am also able to recognize emotional intelligence qualities in others now.

It was a good workshop…I enjoyed the interaction and comments from the group exercises and learning the various levels of emotional intelligence. I also learned how to apply these in the workplace in order to be a more effective leader.

(Due to the personal nature of this workshop, names for testimonials are not provided) 

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