Coaching Skills for Managers & Leaders


Coaching has been proven one of the most effective ways to develop people in the workplace. “Superior Coaching Skills for Managers”  is a comprehensive and state-of-the-art program, designed to help managers/supervisors learn the key coaching skills to help employees develop and achieve organizational goals.  The program consists of a blend of workshop modules, augmented by follow up coaching practice to help reinforce the learning.

Superior Coaching Skills for Managers  can help your organization in these areas:

  • Alignment                         Aligning all levels of organization in achieving goals.
  • Communication              Re-establish trust and communication lines.
  • Productivity                     Transform command and control into productive energy.
  •  Growth                             Continuous growth with just-in-time learning.
  • Collaboration                   Collaborate with staff in a mutually beneficial.relationship
  • Creativity                         Greater creativity and innovation from employees.
  • Career Growth                 Promotes career self-reliance, professional development.
  • Retention                           Helps retain key producers and develop competencies
  • Succession Planning        Provides the platform for knowledge transfer.

In this training program participants will learn the process, skills and applications required to effectively coach their employees as detailed in the following outline:

About Coaching in the Workplace

Participants will explore coaching as a key competency to leading and developing staff.  They will also identify benefits and barriers to coaching, ways to ensure coaching is done on a regular basis, and when to use a coach approach in what situations and for how long

Situational Coaching

Participants learn the four applications of coaching in the workplace and how to tailor their coach approach for each application. These applications show participants how to coach others to improve, enhance and correct performance or behavior.

The Superior Coaching Model

Using the “Superior Coaching Model©” participants learn what it takes to be an effective coach, which skills are most critical in the coaching role, and how to apply these skills in everyday situations.

The Coaching Process

Using the “Core Coaching Conversation©”, participants apply their coaching skills to each of the four coaching applications.  Through role play and third party       feedback, participants apply and strengthen their coaching skills in a variety of coaching situations.

Coaching to the Styles

Using True Colors™ or MBTI, participants learn their own coaching style, how they impact others and how to coach staff more effectively based on style.

 Follow Up Coaching

Participants develop their own action plan, where they would like to apply their coaching skills and then choose a coaching buddy for practice and support.