Career Fitness


Career Fitness in the Workplace

Workshop Name: “Career Fitness for Life”

“Career Fitness”, like physical fitness, is a key part of maintaining, growing and promoting staff in support of organizational growth. When employees know what they want, they become more self-reliant and proactive in working with management to reach their career goals. This in turn, gives the organization key information for recruiting and developing staff, succession planning and mentorship programs.

  About Career Fitness
Participants will learn about the career planning process, why it is important to keep career fit, and how to overcome barriers to career fitness.

Career Check-Up
Participants will assess their skills, values, interests and personal life-balance needs in order to maintain career fitness in the workplace. This will provide the test results from which participants can tailor their career fitness program according to needs and personal goals.

Career Fitness Needs
Using the metaphor of a “career check-up”, participants look at the healthy and unhealthy parts of their current work/personal life. This helps them to affirm what is working and what gaps need to be addressed in order to create balance and satisfaction in their career.

Researching Career Fitness Programs
Participants learn how to research in the context of career fitness planning. Using the three P’s of research, participants determine what options are available to help them fulfill their career fitness needs and goals.

Choosing a Career Fitness Program
Once participants know what they want and what gaps need to be addressed in their career, they can decide on the best career fitness program. Their decision may include balancing life-work roles, expanding or re-committing to current job, setting short and long term career goals, or planning for retirement.

Starting the Fitness Program
Participants create an action plan to get started and to take them through the career fitness process (similar in format to the learning and development planning process). This can extend over several months or even years, depending on client goals.




It was an eye opener for me – I didn’t realize that my role would also be to help staff meet their career goals. This will help during performance appraisal time and I will look at my career fitness plan for my own future.
Manager, The Capital Care Group

I would recommend that every employee attends this workshop – it will change them and give them hope plus open new doors. Also it is so important that every person learns how to be more career fit so they can enjoy their work and get what they want out of their career.”
Michelle R., Industry Canada

The instructor is excellent and knowledgeable…all information on career planning was either available or information was provided on where to get it. It was a good combination of tools and information.
G. Seehagen, Stuart Olson Construction 

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