GuideBook Series

Get a glimpse of what’s up ahead by reading through the titles of the 25 eBooks in your safari trail map. Each eBook is loaded with rich content, proven strategies and practical tools that can be applied to every function of the supervisor’s role. Click on the titles to get a preview of the content in each jungle Guidebook.

Trail Map

hut_bullet1. So You Want to Be a Supervisor?
hut_bullet2. Applying for the Supervisor’s Job
hut_bullet3. Interviewing for the Supervisor’s Job
hut_bullet4. Getting Started as the New Supervisor
hut_bullet5. Planning Skills for the Supervisor’s Safari
hut_bullet6. Organizing & Delegating in the Jungle
hut_bullet7. Leveraging Resources in the Jungle
hut_bullet8. Running Great Team Meetings
hut_bullet9. Navigating Team Stages on the Safari
hut_bullet10. Developing Your Jungle Team Charter
hut_bullet11. Leadership Practices in the Jungle
hut_bullet12. Leading Virtual/Offsite Jungle Teams
hut_bullet13. Personality Styles in the Jungle
hut_bullet14. Career Planning & Learning in the Jungle
hut_bullet15. Coaching Skills for Supervisors
hut_bullet16. Conducting Jungle Performance Reviews
hut_bullet17. Taming Wildlife Behaviors in the Jungle
hut_bullet18. Motivating & Rewarding Jungle Crew
hut_bullet19. Leading Jungle Crew through Change
hut_bullet20. Emotional Intelligence in Your Jungle
hut_bullet 21. Dealing with Conflict in the Jungle
hut_bullet22. Blending the Jungle Generations
hut_bullet23. Innovation & Creativity in the Jungle
hut_bullet24. Influencing Your Jungle Management
hut_bullet25. Dealing with Loss & Grief in the Jungle