Cover Design

Please see the inserted thumbnails of the first and second versions of the eBook covers for comparison.  You will see a few changes as per your great feedback…

  1. Author is now at the bottom
  2. The book TITLE (brand) is over a color background making it very clean and consistent.
  3. The TITLE (brand) is larger.
  4. The book image is contained in the middle third between the Title Color Band above and the Author Color Band below.
  5. The title of the Guide Book is now above the author and is on the Sign Post on each book, and can be moved around (flexible).
  6. The shade of the Title and Author bands changes slightly with each edition so there is a visible difference (uniqueness) so they stand apart in the set.



Click on the thumbnails to view the cover in full size….

Cover 1B Thumbnail Cover 1C Thumbnail
Cover 2B Thumbnail Cover 2C Thumbnail
Cover 3B Thumbnail Cover 3C Thumbnail
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