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Are you ready to become a great supervisor?

  • Are you a new supervisor struggling to learn the ropes?
  • Are you dealing with staff issues with little or no guidance?
  • Do you run a business with little time to mentor your supervisors?
  • Are you a manager or HR consultant seeking cost-effective ways to develop supervisors?

Most people who aspire to become positional leaders have lofty goals for succeeding but when promoted to supervisor they lack the key skills to lead a team. Some common gaps include where to start, how to plan and delegate, run effective meetings, manage change, and deal with inappropriate behaviors. This can lead to high levels of stress for both the supervisor and employees, often leading to poor productivity, union grievances and staff turn-over.

Becoming a supervisor can be an exciting yet scary journey into the unknown — much like entering a jungle full of unseen dangers, mysterious noises and wild beasts running about! Over the past 25 years we have helped over 7000 supervisors “learn the ropes of the jungle” in order to lead their teams on a successful safari.

As a result, we have accrued hundreds of difficult scenarios, tested numerous strategies and developed targeted training programs for supervisors. The highlights from each of these training programs have been redesigned into 25 affordable and accessible eBooks, the Supervisor’s Safari Guidebook Series.

Each guidebook is loaded with rich content, proven strategies and practical tools that can be applied to every function of the supervisor’s role. A glossary at the end of each Guidebook clarifies terminology. There is nothing like this eBook series on the market today!eBook Series Title with bi-line


This eBook series is designed to help leaders learn new skills to successfully lead their way team through the Corporate Jungle!Meet Your Trail Guide