About Us


We are a highly skilled team of coaches and consultants who operate under the cutting edge structure of a “virtual organization”, allowing us to provide superior service without high overhead expenses. In other words, we offer timely and affordable services and our clients get the benefit of working with senior people every time!

We also offer unique and convenient delivery options that support busy client schedules, travel needs, telecommuting and decentralized offices. These include individual coaching sessions in-person or by telephone, follow-up group “teleclass* sessions” to help implement skills development, team coaching on-site or by telephone, and modularized training that is tailored and relevant to client needs.

Our Mission

To improve leadership skills and employee performance through high-quality training, coaching and consulting.

Our Philosophy

Based on the Japanese term “kaizen”, which means long-term and continuous development, we believe that the frontline leader is the key lynchpin to achieving your organizational goals. We therefore work in partnership with our clients to:

  • Train and Coach managers and supervisors to develop key leadership skills, attain a higher level of performance, and improve their overall emotional intelligence.
  • Develop innovative solutions for human resource management.
  • Help facilitate healthy team attitude among both the management and staff.

Our Goals are to…

Help your employees…

checkmark Strengthen job competencies, desired behaviors and personal skills.
checkmark Become more self-reliant through career fitness and personal learning.
checkmark Transfer knowledge through succession planning and mentoring.

Help your managers…

checkmark Become more effective leaders in today’s fast-paced environment.
checkmark Fast-track team productivity in alignment with corporate goals.
checkmark Develop superior coaching skills to enhance employee performance.

Help your organization…

checkmark Improve customer service and retain key accounts.
checkmark Become an employer of choice to attract and retain top performers.
checkmark Sharpen HR practices in recruiting and developing skilled employees.



Coming Soon… our new blog and e-books to help guide you through the Supervisor’s Jungle!


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